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Di Lillo

1951 & 1957

Antonio di Lillo and his children in Italy / The founder, Antonio Di Lillo

Mr. Antonio Di Lillo arrived in Montreal by boat in 1951 with modest means but a strong desire for a better life for his young wife Maria Grazia and their family. With great determination, the couple quickly integrated and contributed to their host community, eager to build relationships and a business that reflected their values.

In 1957, Antonio founded Di Lillo Construction Ltd. as a company specialized in the construction and renovation of residential buildings.


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Antonio Di Lillo and his family

In 1970, Raffaele and Mario Di Lillo, sons of Antonio and Maria Grazia, joined the family business. Their respective studies in engineering and administration allowed Di Lillo Construction to to expend their expertise in the industrial and commercial sector.

Raffaele Di Lillo, a graduate in engineering from Concordia University and a member of the Order of Engineers, has been involved in the growth of the family business. As one of the main executives of Di Lillo Construction, he has developed a remarkable expertise over the years. He particularly excels in turnkey projects, even “fast track” projects. He is involved in the financial aspect as well as in the design and development of such projects.

Mario Di Lillo, a Bachelor of Administration, plays a prominent role in the family business. Not only is he dedicated to business relationships, he also ensures that many construction/renovation projects are successful. In an effort to diversify the company’s areas of expertise, Mario Di Lillo is constantly exploring new avenues, including the construction of residential lofts. In addition, he oversees the overall operations of the Anjou Metropolitan Golf Club.



Anjou Industrial Park

Raffaele and Mario contributed significantly to the growth of Di Lillo Construction. The Di Lillo sons had an innovative vision for the construction of an industrial park that is focused on the well-being of tenants. They wanted to create an industrial park with green spaces, open areas, and vast parking lots, unlike the parks of the time which favored the maximization of exploitable surfaces. Their ability to take significant financial risks and invest in the purchase of land played a key role in building the extensive real estate portfolio that Di Lillo Construction owns today. During this period, Di Lillo Construction built more than 2,000,000 ft² of industrial and office rental space in the Anjou Industrial Park. The company will then be recognized for its expertise in the leasing and management of rental spaces by worldwide-known companies. Our leased premises are of superior quality and highly sought after by worldwide-known companies.

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With the desire of widening his field of expertise, Mr. Antonio aspired to build a golf course with an expansion that could offer his clients the possibility of organizing local events. It’s with Raffaele and Mario’s involvement that this project will take form. Their respective expertise, unified with their father’s vision, will become a major project that will serve both their clients and the Anjou community. This is when the high caliber championship golf course was inaugurated, marking the first innovative project in an industrial sector on the Island of Montreal.



Maria Di Lillo

Maria Di Lillo is the third generation of her family to join the company’s management team. A graduate of Concordia University’s Business Administration program, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her dynamism and commitment to the company have brought a new level of success to the team. Otherwise, Mr. Mario and Mr. Raffaele Di Lillo, are respectively involved in financial and technical aspects of the family business, thus ensuring the quality of services.

2022 to today


The team at work

Di Lillo Construction has has been constantly growing since its creation. Over the years, we have been able to cultivate relationships, as well as develop material and financial means to acquire the necessary resources. This allows us to deliver services tailored to the needs of our clients, ranging from build-on to turnkey projects. This very year, we started to collaborate with Alissia Di Lillo who brings, as an interior designer, an artistic touch to our projects. Our ability to adapt to changes and times has reinforced our strenghts and solidified our financial stability. One of these strengths is the diversity and scope of our real estate portfolio.

Our company is a family affair, well beyond the family tree. Over the years, the team has grown with people who excel in their field of expertise and who also have the evolution of Di Lillo Construction at heart. We are always on the lookout for new talent to join our great family.

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In constant

Over the years, the company has cultivated relationships, as well as developed intellectual, material and financial resources to extract the necessary resources to obtain specialized and appropriate products and services for each of its clients. The company has been growing steadily since its creation. It has been able to adapt to changes and times, reinforcing its strengths and financial stability.

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