A proven expertise.

A dedicated
team of specialists.

At Di Lillo Construction Ltd, we offer you the possibility of a turnkey project. We have a vast expertise in construction (industrial, residential and commercial) as well as in the renovation/conversion of buildings. Our team of professionals takes charge of your entire project while seeing to your specific needs. We have been working with a network of trusted partners for over 65 years. When you choose to entrust us with your project, you are choosing to do business with experienced project managers who are accessible and respectful of your vision.


Feasibility study of your project

Our diverse and vast expertise allows us to closely accompany the client in the evaluation of his needs; the analysis of the environment, the definition of the objectives to be reached as well as the evaluation and management of the risks related to the project. Furthermore, our proven experience in construction and renovation makes us a valuable resource for the client in terms of information.


We have been working with the same architectural firm for over 30 years and through the years we have built a solid and close relationship. Our architect takes care of the design of the building plans according to the client’s needs, and this, in accordance with the construction rules in force. We have been working together with an interior designer for several years. She brings us her valuable expertise in optimizing spaces while taking into account the comfort and health and safety of people. At Di Lilllo Construction, we take charge of the structural and ergonomic design of your project.

Cost Estimates

At Di Lillo Construction, we have specialists in engineering, construction management and architectural technology. Our senior estimators have over thirty years of combined experience and are skilled in actual cost estimating and project costing. We assist our clients in managing financing throughout the process.

Project management

Our project managers offer our clients a turnkey service from design to completion, while taking charge of managing subcontractors and contingencies. Our long-term relationships with suppliers and subcontractors allow our project management team to ensure the quality of the materials used on our sites as well as meeting deadlines.

Excellence, collaboration and accessibility are our watchwords.

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